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Phi Iota Alpha

Formed out of the first Latin fraternity in the U.S. and the first Latin American student organization, Phi Iota Alpha has a record of making history. The Latino-oriented fraternity is one of the oldest of its kind and was founded in 1931. Notable members include Dr. Rudolph Matas (known as the “father of modern vascular surgery”) and political figures like Mariano Ospina Pérez (former President of Colombia). With brothers of all backgrounds and cultures, Phi Iota Alpha is filled with college and professional men who have a passion for the Latin American culture and community. 

Phi Iota Alpha celebrates its historical roots. The organization’s Pillars include major figures in Latin American history such as poet and essayist Jose Julian Marti of Cuba. Similar to its founders who were “men of great vision, leadership, devotion, persistence,” Phi Iota Alpha brothers make a positive difference in today’s society. A network of members across 66 chapters and 16 colonies in the nation, the fraternity strives to continue going strong. 

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