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Exclusive collection of Masonic jewelry including masonic rings, cuff links, and accessories bearing the square and compass symbol.


Freemasons have a long history dating to the fourteenth century. Masonic lodges pride themselves on being exclusive organizations that promote fellowship, charitable work and moral values. There are currently some 200,000 freemasons around the world in at least 7,000 Grand Lodges.

There is very little known about freemasonry outside of the walls of each Grand Lodge, which is the preferred operation for masons. Indeed, each Grand Lodge has its own guidelines, keeping the meetings and their contents private. A general principal is that Grand Lodges require all members to profess faith in a higher being, but they do not allow discussion of religion or politics within the walls of the Lodge.

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of notable members of this fraternal organization. Some of these include world leaders, politicians, actors, comedians, novelists, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs and more. Some of the most famed freemasons include Benjamin Franklin, John Abbott, Simon Bolivar, Amadeus Mozart, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and John Wayne, among many others.

The Collegiate Standard offers jewelry items for freemasons. These include rings emblazoned with the masonic imagery of a square and compass. One of our most popular items is a black tungsten band with a subtle engraving in the center. We also offer rings encrusted with cubic zirconia or featuring red or blue enamel. We even have cuff links featuring a compass and square! Please try out our Masonic jewelry collection.

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