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Phi Delta Epsilon

Phi Delta Epsilon is a professional fraternity empowering men and women in the field of medicine. The co-ed organization was founded in 1904 and is part of the Professional Fraternity Association. Today, PhiDE has over 80 pre-medical chapters and more than 100 medical chapters, creating a strong network of future professionals. With principles of Equity, Deity, Education, and Philanthropy, Phi Delta Epsilon prepares well-rounded leaders in the medical profession. 

PhiDE members strive to be known for their “Deeds Not Words.” The Phi Delta Epsilon Foundation helps women and men pursue their medical education through scholarships and programs while providing them with educational and professional development. The fraternity has a philanthropic partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, supporting them in their work of treating 17 million children in over 170 hospitals around the world. Chapters volunteer at local hospitals and fundraise for them through events like Stand for The Kids. Every year, Phi Delta Epsilon makes a difference that enhances lives and saves them. 

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