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  • Leap Year!

    How crazy is that leap year happens every 4 years? It feels like a normal day but we get an extra 24 hours! A whole extra day! For the ladies who proposed to their loves, we applaud you! For those still looking to put a ring on it, we have a wide selection of rings perfect for your significant other.
  • Fall is here!

  • Fall in love this season

  • Goodbye Summer!


    It's always hard to say goodbye. Remember all the memories you made this summer by winning a LOVE ring! 
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    Best of luck! 

  • Hello Rigby Collab!

    Stay cool this summer by styling out the perfect outfit. Jenn from has the look you'll be dying to try. Be sure to check out her gorgeous outfit featuring our very own Anchor Necklace! There might also be a giveaway in her post- take a peek!

  • Mother's Day ♦

    Surprise your mom with something special this Mother's day! 

    We're having a GRAD GIVEAWAY! 

    Visit our Facebook page now to enter

    One lucky winner will be chosen to win a free sterling silver ring
    Contest ends on April 20. Winners will be announced on the 21st.

    Best of luck! 



  • Gear up. Get ready. Spring Recruitment is around the corner!



    Win 2 free lavalieres. One for yourself and one for your big/lil.

    Enter on our Facebook page now.

    Contest ends March 9. Winners will be announced March 10

    Best of Luck!