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  • Back to School Basics!

    Summer's coming to an end and with that means school starting soon! Whether you're a freshman or a senior.. Here are some must haves to rock your year! 


    C A R R I E R  B A G S

    Laptops are key in school. You'll use it to take notes, write your papers and to study. Whether you're a mac or pc, make sure to keep them safe with laptop sleeves and carriers. It'll help protect against damage when you carry them around everywhere. 


    W E E K L Y  P L A N N E R

    Once school starts, you'll get very busy. Organize your weekly events and deadlines with an agenda/planner. Time management is what will keep you sane. It'll help you avoid procrastination. 


    P E N S / P E N C I L S 

    Mandatory. Be prepared! There might be a pop quiz. 


    W A T C H 

    Wear a watch to keep up with time or you'll be rushing from place to place. 


    U S B D R I V E

    ALWAYS ALWAYS back up your work. Save a copy of your work on your laptop and on a usb drive. You never know what might happen! 


    S W E A T P A N T S

    Who are we trying to kid? Sweatpants are awesome! Especially when the climate is cold. Whether you're lazy or just don't feel like putting in the effort. Reach for a comfy basic. 




    xo TCS 


    *disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any of these brands. All opinions are our own. Everything is sourced.


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