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How to be a Good Wedding Guest

June 21, 2016

How to be a Good Wedding Guest

It seems like we're finally at the age where weddings start to become more personal to us. Attending weddings as a child is so different from attending one as an adult. Whether you know the couple or not, there are a few things to keep in mind to being a good wedding guest!

P R E - W E D D I N G

The Engagement Party

Do I have to bring a present?
• This depends on the couple. If they do not specify in the invitation or include their wedding registry- you're in the clear, but DO NOT show up empty handed just in case. Bring some cheap champagne or wine to be safe.

Can I bring a date to the Engagement Party?
• Always, always, always check with the bride and groom. It's not cool if you bring someone unexpected. They want to share this moment with you.

Expect Games
• An engagement party is a chance for the families and friends of the bride and groom to meet. It's a change to mingle and celebrate the union of the couple. To break the ice, a lot of engagement parties have fun little games.

Bridal Shower

Gift is a must
• The event name says it all. It's an event to shower the bride with gifts for her upcoming wedding night. Typically lingerie is gifted to the bride to be. However if you're close with the bride, you can always gift her something you know she'll love.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Nowadays, couples like to join their nights together. However, if you're going traditional- be sure to make the night all about the bride/groom. It's not about what you want or what her friends want, it's about them. It's their time. It's important to remember that! Don't be cheap and be sure to split the costs with the rest of the party, don't make them pay. It's a common courtesy.


W E D D I N G  D A Y

Wedding Guest Etiquette at the Ceremony

No Photos!
• Do not snapchat or take photos on your phone while the ceremony is taking place. It's rude and takes a lot of attention away from the bridge and groom. Most likely they hired a professional photographer to document their beautiful day, they don't need your grainy/pixelated photos. They want to see your beautiful faces as they walk down not your square shaped phone. There will be plenty of opportunities to snap a picture of them at the reception!

 Play Along
• Every couple is different. The ceremony can be religious and super long or super short, casual or formal- just be up for anything! Even if it's not your faith or belief, play along. You may not want to sit through a 2 hour Catholic wedding, but it's not about you. Respect the ceremony.


No one likes a Drunk
• If it's open bar, pace yourself. You do not want to be THAT person that ruins the wedding. Take it easy and relax. This isn't a night out with the guys/girls, it's a nice night. Sure liquid courage will help you break out on the dance floor- but always be aware of your surroundings! Most likely there will be children and older people around.

Do not switch tables
• If it's assigned seating, do not move from your spot. There's probably a good reason why the couple seated you there. They took the time to write your name on a cute placecard, respect the placecard!

• Guarantee there will be a moment in the night where the bride and groom wants volunteers for a game or dance, this is your chance to show that you care.

Do not take the center piece!
• Unless they specifically said you can, don't even think about grabbing the center piece! Some venues rent the centerpieces to the couple, you don't want to accidentally make them pay for something extra!

Talk to your seat neighbor
• It's going to be a lonnnggg night if it's incredibly awkward. Make small talk to the person next to you or in your table. You can ask how they all know the couple and how the music is terrible.

Don't leave too early
• Taking a quick exit right after dinner is a big no-no. Not only will you offend the bride and groom, you'll look like a person who doesn't care. Be patient- a good time to exit would be 10 minutes after the cake cutting. This means that cake will be served and the dance floor will be open. This is the perfect time to leave if you wish to do so. Be sure to say goodbye to the bride and groom on your way out.

• The couple will most likely have a wedding registry. Pick something you know they'll both be glad to receive and if you don't have time to purchase a gift- money card is always a good alternative.

and lastly,


The couple invited you to watch them get married for a reason. They wanted you to be there. Enjoy the day and watch them love each other.


We hoped our advise and style guides have help you!

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