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Spring Break is here!

March 18, 2015

Spring break is finally here! You know what that means. No school- no homework-no stress! Whether you're hitting the beach, movie theater or bumming it at home, here are some suggestions on making the most of your break! 

Beach time
  • Don't spend your entire time sleeping on the beach. Make the most of it by renting out bikes or finding a great poke restaurant nearby. Explore the beach city! Just because you're at the beach doesn't mean you have to spend all day there.
    Movie time 
    • Don't settle for a regular old movie theater, go hit up one of those cinemas that have reclining chairs! You're on break, you can definitely splurge a little on the comforts. 
    Couch time 
    • It's totally understandable that you want to stay home and watch Netflix all day. After all, school totally fried your brain for the past couple of months and you just want to do nothing for a while. If you're bumming it at home, be sure to catch on Netflix's popular shows: House of Cards, The Unbreakable Kimmy Kchmidt and Mad Men. You can't go wrong binge watching any of those. Oh! Don't forget to bring out the comforter and pillows, you'll want to be comfortable and definitely, definitely don't forget the pizza! 
    Travel time
    • If you're taking a long road trip with friends this spring break, definitely bring sweatpants. Don't try to be cute and wear jeans. You'll seriously start to feel how uncomfortable it is after sitting for about 3 hours! Sweat pants will give you easy access to cross your legs without feeling weird. Also be sure to bring a pillow! Your back WILL start to ache for being in the car for so long, you'll want to give it something nice and comfy to lean on. 
    Nights out 
    • Find a restaurant you've been dying to try! You only got a few days of break, make the most of it and go to that restaurant you've been putting off! Don't delay. Just go. After dinner, do something fun like hit up a bar or go dancing. It's cliche, but it's still fun! Dance off the stress. You'll have a blast. 

    • Explore your city. Maybe you've lived there your entire life or you just moved there- whatever it is, go on a tour of your own city. You may find out about things you never knew or noticed. You can go to places you've always heard of but never went. And if you hate it, you can always go home! 


    Whatever it is you decide to do with your break, have fun and be safe!

    School's over for now, enjoy it! 


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