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Put a Ring on it! October 01, 2014

Not sure what ring size to get? Here are some tips and tricks to finding that perfect fit!

♦ The question we most often get is, "How do I know what ring size I am?" Well. The easiest way to know is your feet size! Almost everyone's ring size is similar to their shoe size. So for example, if you wear a size 6 in women's, you're also a size 6 in ring size! It won't always be accurate but it's a good place to start on figuring out your size. 

♦ The next thing to think about is, what finger will you be wearing this ring on. You need to take note that if you're wearing this ring on your thumb, you might need a larger size or vise versa- smaller if you're wearing it on your pinky. 

♦ Consider what you're wearing this ring for. If this is the type of ring you want to wear everyday, be sure to pick a size that won't slip off during everyday activities. 

♦ Next, the most accurate way to know your ring size is to 

1. Use a piece of paper and cut out a strip.
2. Wrap the strip of paper around the desired finger.
3. Mark a line where the beginning of the strip wraps perfectly once around. 
4. Use a ruler and measure the length. 
5. Next go online or look at the chart below to figure out your ring size! 

    ♦ If you don't want to do the paper method, find an existing ring you already own. Match it to the chart below or any other chart you can find online. Make sure lines are aligned with the ring! 

    ♦ Be aware that the ring size chart is not completely up to scale. This chart is merely a suggestion. Reference only.



    If you order from us and your ring size doesn't fit, we're happy to exchange it for you! 
    Best of luck!

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