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Recruitment Series (3): Rush Tips! August 10, 2014

R U S H  T I P S

It's scary and intimidating to not know what to expect during recruitment. As a PNM, here are some things to keep in mind!


I T 'S   A B O U T   Y O U 

Yup. Let it soak in. The point of recruitment is for sororities to look for new members to join their organization. They will be looking at your personality and compatibility. So don't be afraid to be yourself! Show off your awesome personality. However, if anxiety gets the best of you.. relax and take 3 long deep breaths. Go outside and get some air. 


S M A L L  T A L K

It's dreadful but don't worry! Keep away from the normal topics of conversation and try some of these. It'll be refreshing to hear something new.

  • What's your favorite holiday?
  • Would you rather give up your phone or tv? 
  • What's your favorite show? OTP?
  • If you could travel somewhere right this minute without worrying about money, where would you go? 
  • Milkshakes or juices?
  • Would you rather be a super hero or greek god? Powers?
  • Cheeseburgers or burritos? 
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse, perfect place to hide? 

*Think of anything fun! 


M A K E U P 

Keep it natural. Recruitment isn't the time to try out a new smokey eye. It's best to keep it simple! Have some lip gloss and translucent powder in case you need to touch up! 



If you go with heels, make sure to have some quick flats to change into when you're walking from house to house or to your car. You'll be doing a lot of walking. Your feet will thank you.


R E M E M B E R 

To have fun! This experience shouldn't be stressful. Relax, enjoy the company, and be yourself! 


Until next time! xo



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