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Recruitment Series (1) : Essentials!

August 04, 2014

We'll be starting a fun series of Recruitment posts to help you through this Rush/Recruitment Season! 

R E C R U I T M E N T    E S S E N T I A L S

  • MINTS: You're going to be talking to girls all day. Be sure to pop a mint and make your breath is minty fresh. First impression is everything! 
  • DEODORANT: Chances are, the weather will still be warm during recruitment. Be sure to keep up with the heat and plan accordingly. Personal hygiene counts! 
  • SUNNIES: The sun is not your friend! Be sure to protect your eyeballs with cute sunnies. You don't want to be squinting half the time! 
  • SUNSCREEN: Again, the sun is not your friend! Sunburn is no joke. Make sure to lather up and protect your skin or else you'll be peeling for a week! 
  • COMFY SHOES: You're going to be standing.. A LOT! Wear comfy shoes to save your soles! 
  • GREEK GEAR: Recruitment is the BEST time to show off all your greek gear! Our website is having a great deal! Use our coupon code > GREEK14 < and get 10% your entire order! Rock your booth with the cutest accessories. 
  • PENS: DON'T forget to bring a pen! Chances are, you'll need to write down someone's information. Always have one on the go. Not having something as simple as a pen looks unprofessional. 
  • HAND SANITIZER: You'll be shaking a lot of hands. Sanitize up and make sure to kill germs! 
  • WATER: Don't forget to hydrate! It's the most important thing to have. 

Stay tune for more Recruitment Posts! 



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