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May 16, 2014

Every chapter has their own requirements for meetings. Some wear all black, some wear pin attire, and some are more casual than others, but there are universal rules to proper meeting attire. Here are some quick/easy tips to remember!
DO: Have proper hygiene. This isn’t about your clothes, but B.O. and bad breath is not pleasant to sit next to for hours. Make sure you use deodorant and pop a mint on the way to meeting.
DO: The basics. Tame your hair and put on some mascara. A fresh-face goes a long way.
DON’T: Be afraid to accessorize! A ring and necklace can really pull an outfit together. Just make sure it looks classy and not tacky. A little says a lot. 



DON’T: Look like you’re going to the club. You are going to be sitting in a room full of sisters. You are not going to be dancing the night away. Save the false lashes and stilettos for the weekend. Try some comfy flats or sneakers instead. 

DO: Expect visitors. Often times a fraternity member will come and speak about an upcoming event. You never know who will catch your eye, so make sure you catch his (in a good way!)

DO: Be respectful! If you have a question or concern, wait for the appropriate time to talk. It’s not fun to interrupt during meetings.

DON’T: Forget your smile! Can not stress this enough! Your smile is the most important accessory. Meetings are long, but it can be discouraging for council if all of their members look like they don’t want to be there. Show off those pearly whites!

Ultimately at the end of the day, it is about respecting your chapter. You are a representation of your sorority. You don’t have to dress like a runway model, but you want to look presentable and classy.

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