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Quick Tips for the Best Summer Ever!

April 29, 2016

Quick Tips for the Best Summer Ever!

Goodbye finals, Hello Summer!

Nothing feels better than walking out of your last final of the semester. That first taste of relief is so welcoming that it almost makes staying up late worth it. With that first step, school is finally over! Time to bust out those high waisted shorts and bikini tops and hit the beach. Here are some quick tips to make your summer not only awesome but totally worth remembering!


1. Always bring sunscreen
This is totally a given, but a lot of us forget! We always end up with terrible tan lines! So save yourself and buy a small travel size suntan lotion and stow it in your purse.

2. Hydration, hydration, hydration!
Now say it with me, hydration-hydration-hydration! Those sun rays will totally get you. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay cool! Too much sun and too little water is a recipe for disaster and a total headache. Even if you're not at the beach, drink lots of water!

3. Eat at a restaurant near the beach
We're not talking about a fancy 5 star restaurant, but find a cool place to relax near the beach! The restaurants surrounding a beach usually have a really great atmosphere and not to mention really delicious food like fish tacos and poke!

4. Find a outdoor movie screening
Relax and enjoy summer nights with an outdoor movie! Check your city for local showings, if you're in LA- check out cinespia or street food cinema! Lay out a blanket and be sure to bring some yummy snacks.

5. Do something touristy
Experience something different! You probably spend most of your life avoiding touristy spots in your area- but why not give it a go? Maybe something will surprise you! (plus you'll probably get some really great footage!) 

6. Staycation 
You don't have to go all out and do a crazy trip- cause let's be honest, coordinating the time and budget with your friends is beyond hard. Treat yourself to a staycation! Stay in an area that's perfectly far enough away from home but not too far if you change your mind. If it ends up being totally boring- head home!

7. Have a fancy dinner
Once summer hits, you'll practically live in shorts and tank tops- but pick a night to dress up with your friends and do something fancy! Bust out those dresses you've been dying to wear since winter and have a glass of wine with some yummy food.

8. Camp out!
Big Sur is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. Spend a couple nights staring up at the stars and really enjoy the cool summer nights. If you're not in California, find a beautiful lake or national park to camp at. Just be sure to bring some bug spray repellent to keep away those blood sucking mosquitoes!

9. Host a game night
Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly- game boards are fun with a group of friends! Order some pizza  and get ready to claim victory!

10. Binge Watch all your favorite TV shows
You must have missed all your shows due to class or study sessions, but now that it's summer- feast on all the shows that you missed out on! We suggest watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the giggles and Daredevil for the fighting scenes.


If you end up taking one of our suggestions, be sure to tag us on social media! We would love to see how you're spending this summer! Be safe and have fun! 


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