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  • Recruitment Series (3): Rush Tips!

    R U S H  T I P S

    It's scary and intimidating to not know what to expect during recruitment. As a PNM, here are some things to keep in mind!


    I T 'S   A B O U T   Y O U 

    Yup. Let it soak in. The point of recruitment is for sororities to look for new members to join their organization. They will be looking at your personality and compatibility. So don't be afraid to be yourself! Show off your awesome personality. However, if anxiety gets the best of you.. relax and take 3 long deep breaths. Go outside and get some air. 


    S M A L L  T A L K

    It's dreadful but don't worry! Keep away from the normal topics of conversation and try some of these. It'll be refreshing to hear something new.

    • What's your favorite holiday?
    • Would you rather give up your phone or tv? 
    • What's your favorite show? OTP?
    • If you could travel somewhere right this minute without worrying about money, where would you go? 
    • Milkshakes or juices?
    • Would you rather be a super hero or greek god? Powers?
    • Cheeseburgers or burritos? 
    • If there was a zombie apocalypse, perfect place to hide? 

    *Think of anything fun! 


    M A K E U P 

    Keep it natural. Recruitment isn't the time to try out a new smokey eye. It's best to keep it simple! Have some lip gloss and translucent powder in case you need to touch up! 


    S H O E S

    If you go with heels, make sure to have some quick flats to change into when you're walking from house to house or to your car. You'll be doing a lot of walking. Your feet will thank you.


    R E M E M B E R 

    To have fun! This experience shouldn't be stressful. Relax, enjoy the company, and be yourself! 


    Until next time! xo



  • Recruitment Series (2): Outfits

    O U T F I T S 

    During Recruitment week, it's hard to decide what to wear! First of all, make sure to double check with your Panhellenic Council for clothing guidelines. You want to look cute but don't get in trouble for it! Whether you're a PNM or an active member, here are some outfit ideas you might want to try! Key tip.. Classy never goes out of style.  


    C A S U A L   P I E C E S 



    D R E S S Y / C A S U A L 



    S E M I - F O R M A L 




    P H I L A N T H R O P Y   D A Y 


    (Most likely this day will be casual. Grab a pair of cute shorts, comfy shoes, and of course your recruitment tee!) 



    Good luck! 


    *disclaimer: We were not sponsored by any of these brands. All opinions are our own. Everything is sourced and credited. 

    • Recruitment Series (1) : Essentials!

      We'll be starting a fun series of Recruitment posts to help you through this Rush/Recruitment Season! 

      R E C R U I T M E N T    E S S E N T I A L S

      • MINTS: You're going to be talking to girls all day. Be sure to pop a mint and make your breath is minty fresh. First impression is everything! 
      • DEODORANT: Chances are, the weather will still be warm during recruitment. Be sure to keep up with the heat and plan accordingly. Personal hygiene counts! 
      • SUNNIES: The sun is not your friend! Be sure to protect your eyeballs with cute sunnies. You don't want to be squinting half the time! 
      • SUNSCREEN: Again, the sun is not your friend! Sunburn is no joke. Make sure to lather up and protect your skin or else you'll be peeling for a week! 
      • COMFY SHOES: You're going to be standing.. A LOT! Wear comfy shoes to save your soles! 
      • GREEK GEAR: Recruitment is the BEST time to show off all your greek gear! Our website is having a great deal! Use our coupon code > GREEK14 < and get 10% your entire order! Rock your booth with the cutest accessories. 
      • PENS: DON'T forget to bring a pen! Chances are, you'll need to write down someone's information. Always have one on the go. Not having something as simple as a pen looks unprofessional. 
      • HAND SANITIZER: You'll be shaking a lot of hands. Sanitize up and make sure to kill germs! 
      • WATER: Don't forget to hydrate! It's the most important thing to have. 

      Stay tune for more Recruitment Posts! 





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        • Brandy Melville |  Floral Bow 
          This bow is super cute and feminine! It's super adorable to match with a skater skirt or high waist jean shorts

        • Bumble and Bumble | Surf Spray 
          Don't like using hair spray? Try using a sea salt spray to keep your hair looking fresh and textured throughout the day! Not only will you look like a total beach babe, your hair will also look super volumized. The smell of the sea salt spray will give you that instant feel of being on the beach. 

        • Lush | Mask of Magnaminty 
          Treat your skin! With the weather heating up, this mask will feel super refreshing on your face. However, be aware that the instructions say to leave it on for 5 minutes. Within those 5 minutes, your face will feel very dry but once you wash it off. It feels amazingly minty and clean. This mask is good to control break outs and pores. 

        • The Collegiate Standard | The Pearl Ring 
          This is the newest addition to our jewelry line! This ring gives off the perfect preppy and classy look without being too flashy. The pearl adds that extra sparkle. It pairs great with summer dresses and maxi skirts

        • Revlon | Moisturizing Lip Conditioner 
          Lips pealing? Save them with this moisturizing lip balm by Revlon! It goes on smooth onto and gives that extra oomph of moisture. 
        • Essie Nail Polish | Ruffle and Feathers 
          Teal is the perfect nail polish color this summer. Such a great pop of color. We're definitely loving it this month! 

        • H&M | Kimono 
          Too hot for a sweater? Too cold to not wear one? The perfect solution is this Kimono from H&M. This kimono is super light weight and adorable to match with any outfit. This kimono will keep you covered up when it's cold, but also look super fashionable when it's hot. 


        What were your favorites this month? Let us know in the comments! 




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      • Top 5 Summer Essentials

        Summer is finally here! Here are some summer essentials to
        keep you looking cool, calm and collected in the heat! 



        Ray Bans- Clubmaster classic#1. Ray Bans Clubmaster Classic $150

        We all know that with summer comes longer days and hotter nights. These sunnies will be sure to keep those evil sun rays out of your eyes! Whether you're cruising down the beach or having a backyard bbq, these sunnies are the best protection.








        #2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheet Sunscreen SPF 45 $9.49

        Nobody likes being compared to a tomato. Protect your face with this ultra sheer sunblock! The formula gives off a light-clean feeling, almost like you’re not wearing anything at all! Be sure to keep this in your bag when the temperature goes up!

        #3. Floppy Hat $14.99

        Summer is not complete without a floppy hat! Make sure to keep your neck and face cool with the help of this hat! A floppy hat will give off a bohemian babe vibe. Don't be afraid to rock it! It's a great piece to have during hot summer festivals! 

        #4. Infinity Ring $28

         The perfect touch to any outfit. Summer is the best time to  break out all your cute sun dresses, shorts, skirts... But be sure  to include this gem to add the perfect minimal touch to your  look! This sterling silver ring won’t turn your finger green and it’s  absolutely stunning with bright colors. A summer must have  accessory! 

         #5. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm $7

         Ladies, we all know how annoying it is when lipstick gets dry  and nasty on our lips. The best alternative is to try tinted lip  balm. Burt’s bee’s formula keeps your lips feeling moisturized  and feeling baby soft! The hint of color makes your lips pop  without making it crack!

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        Every chapter has their own requirements for meetings. Some wear all black, some wear pin attire, and some are more casual than others, but there are universal rules to proper meeting attire. Here are some quick/easy tips to remember!
        DO: Have proper hygiene. This isn’t about your clothes, but B.O. and bad breath is not pleasant to sit next to for hours. Make sure you use deodorant and pop a mint on the way to meeting.
        DO: The basics. Tame your hair and put on some mascara. A fresh-face goes a long way.
        DON’T: Be afraid to accessorize! A ring and necklace can really pull an outfit together. Just make sure it looks classy and not tacky. A little says a lot. 



        DON’T: Look like you’re going to the club. You are going to be sitting in a room full of sisters. You are not going to be dancing the night away. Save the false lashes and stilettos for the weekend. Try some comfy flats or sneakers instead. 

        DO: Expect visitors. Often times a fraternity member will come and speak about an upcoming event. You never know who will catch your eye, so make sure you catch his (in a good way!)

        DO: Be respectful! If you have a question or concern, wait for the appropriate time to talk. It’s not fun to interrupt during meetings.

        DON’T: Forget your smile! Can not stress this enough! Your smile is the most important accessory. Meetings are long, but it can be discouraging for council if all of their members look like they don’t want to be there. Show off those pearly whites!

        Ultimately at the end of the day, it is about respecting your chapter. You are a representation of your sorority. You don’t have to dress like a runway model, but you want to look presentable and classy.

        WANT MORE? Comment and let us know what YOU would like to see and read!