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    It’s very difficult to decide what to wear to a professional interview.

    The Collegiate Standard is here to help!

    Here are 6 tips on dressing for the occasion.


    Tip 1: Blazer up!

    It’s the number one piece for an interview. You want to look polished and professional to your potential employer. By putting on a blazer, it’ll show your interviewer that you’re serious and ready to take anything on! 
    *Make sure you purchase a blazer you are able to button.


    Tip 2: Dress pants!

    Every blazer needs a pair of dress pants. Your dress pants do not need to be the exact same color as your blazer, however they do need to be a dark color. Black/navy/dark gray will work. 
    *Suggestion: When purchasing dress pants, think ahead. Are you going to wear heels or flats with these?
    *In heels: Make sure the pants are at least 1 inch from the ground 
    *In flats: The dress pants should not pass your ankles


    Tip 3: Pencil Skirts!

    A great alternative when you don’t feel like wearing pants. The golden rule of pencil skirts in a professional environment is that it must be knee length and not too tight or revealing! This does not mean, 1 inch above! Make sure that the skirt is not showing any panty lines and the slit hits way below the goods. It must be able to reach your knee cap. Your pencil skirt should be worn at your waist to accentuate and elongate your body. Do not wear it at the hips.



    Tip 4: Blouses/Dress shirts!

    The best way to spice up your professional outfit is your blouse or dress shirt. You want to pick colors that complement the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing gray pants, white or blue would be the best colors to match. 
    *Blouses: make sure they’re not wrinkled or show too much cleavage. 
    *Dress shirts: make sure the buttons will not pop open! Pick a shirt that will cover up your cleavage.



    Tip 5: Accessorize!

    Minimal jewelry will definitely be noticed. It won’t distract from your outfit, it will highlight it. You will look classy and professional. Try our beautiful products, it’s a good conversation starter. You never know when a fellow sister or brother is in the company or even the interviewer!


    Tip 6: Shoes!

    You want to be comfy yet stylish. The perfect way to get this balance is to get 1-2 inch heels. They will give you that extra boost of femininity as well as keeping you comfortable. If you still worry about hurting your feet, try using shoe tape!




    <3 The Collegiate Standard


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